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Therapeutic Riding


If you have a Special Needs child and/or you are interested in the therapies that we offer, the first step is completing the Therapeutic Forms on the Forms page of this website and turning the forms in to us by email, postal service or bringing them to Whispering Pines.

For more immediate assistance, use our contact page. In your email, please give us a detailed description about the child's diagnosis and some goals.

Before the first evaluation ride, we must have the completed Therapeutic Forms (on Forms page) and it would be helpful to have any current evaluations from other therapies (PT, OT and SLP).

We absolutely love this part of our ministry and are passionate about helping people, but are limited due to funding and staff. We don't advertise this part of the ministry, but believe whoever contacts us, is supposed to be here.

During the school year, we offer a Vocational training for (High School age) students with Autism. Schools bring the students.

We have field trips and birthday parties for children with disabilities. We have facilities for wheelchairs- accessible areas and ramp for mounting.