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Birthdays at the Barn


Celebrate with Whispering Pines!

Have your Birthday at the Barn!

Days: Saturday only

Times: 11 am, 12 noon or 1 pm

Cost: $175. (for up to 20 kids)

If you have more than 20 children, $7.50 for each additional child.

Indoor party room- add $25. Its better to reserve it and not need it,  than it not be available.

On the day of the party, you can choose to use picnic shelter- no refunds.

To reserve your party time, you will need to pay all fees (sorry, no credit cards) and fill out the Party Registration form (on Forms Page)- mail or bring it. To check availability, email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


call 864-288-7458 or text 864-360-3222







Sample Schedule:

Welcome to Whispering Pines and introductions. Please try to arrive 15-20 minutes early to set up, we will show you where your room (or picnic shelter) is located and answer any last minute questions.  If you're having your party time first, please keep the children from wandering around without our staff.  If you're renting the party room, please keep the children in the room until we come and get them.

20 minutes - Tour of the stables, visit the animals, learn about the animal's homes, food & more!

10 minutes - Brush and groom the horses and learn horse safety


30 minutes - Pony Rides for the children only.

60 minutes - Celebration party in picnic area or party room (11am and noon time slot- party first, then tour and pony rides)

*Note - a full size refrigerator/freezer is available for any food or drinks that need to be kept cool.


More information about the party . . .

One of Two Indoor Air-Conditioned Party Rooms

The tours are so much fun and the children (and parents) learn a lot too. For the younger children, we move from one area to the next rather quickly, because they can't absorb a lot of information, but like to see and touch. For the older children, they can learn in more depth. We learn about horses- where they live, what they eat and how to care for them. Don't miss all the baby animals born in the spring!

During the cold or wet weather, we have big barns and an indoor arena. During hot summer days, we will use the indoor arena for riding in the cool shade. We have great air-conditioned (and heated) party rooms for an additional fee of $25! We highly recommend it. There's a fridge, kitchenette, banquet tables and plenty of room for your guests. The picnic shelter is included in the $175 party fee.

Spiritual tours are available by request, the emphasis of these tours are to show spiritual parallels to every day things. Jesus and  Bible stories/scriptures are cited. References to God, His love, care and creation are also mentioned.


Pony Tour Package recommended for children 2 yrs. and up.

  • Large groups will be split, so one group can tour while the other rides.
  • We offer our Outdoor or Indoor Arena depending on weather conditions.
  • The Indoor Party Room option is available for an additional fee of $25.
  • A hayride is available for an additional fee of $75 when purchasing a Pony Tour Package. The hayride is approximately 20-30 minutes long.
  • The party fee, hay ride and optional party room fees need to be paid in advance.

Trail Tour Package recommended for teens and adults.

  • The approximate time is one hour. The first half of the activity is a tour of the stables, including a brief discussion of different types of horses, uses, and riding styles.
  • Then participants will be assisted in grooming, saddling and bridling.
  • The second half will be learning how to mount, basic principles of riding and arena ride.
  • The fee is $30 per person with a $150 minimum.
  • 200 lb rider weight limit.
  • Available for Saturday appointment times. All tours must be scheduled and paid at time of booking.
  • We offer our Outdoor or Indoor Arena depending on weather conditions.
  • The Indoor Party Room option is available for an additional fee of $25.
  • The $150 minimum party fee and optional party room fees need to be paid in advance.


What to wear: (and NOT wear!)

  • Socks and closed toed shoes - sandals/crocs, etc are not good options
  • Long pants for riders (shorts are not recommended)

Items to bring:

  • Bring all birthday party supplies that you need to decorate, etc.
  • Cake, plates, napkins, serving pieces, forks, spoons, etc.
  • Large trash bags (good for wrapping paper!)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Camera & Video camera