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Mommy & Me

The Mommy and Me program is designed for young riders ages 2+.

  • Parent Assisted - "Parents, Grandparents, etc."
  • Each class is for 1 hour and the program runs for 4 week sessions
  • Total fee for all 4 weeks is $120
  • Follow up classes with varying levels of advancement are available.

Ready Riders

The Ready Rider program is designed for riders ages 6-8 years old who need additional assistance before riding in group lessons on their own.

  • Parent Assisted - "Parents, Grandparents, etc."
  • Each class is for 1 hour and the program runs for 6 week sessions
  • Total fee for the 6 week program is $180
  • Follow up classes with varying levels of advancement are available and most riders will graduate to regular group lessons.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are held at specific days and times during the week (morning, after school and evenings) and on Saturday (usually morning).

  • The fee is $180 for the entire six week session and includes a total time of 1 1/2 hours each week.
  • There is 1 hour of instruction and 30 minutes of grooming time for each group lesson.
  • Group lessons are in six week sessions - once a week for a total fee of $180.

Evaluation Lesson

Evaluation lessons are given throughout the week and made by appointment only. They are designed to evaluate a rider's ability and determine which  group lessons will be the best fit.  Riders entering the Mommy and Me program are not required to have an evaluation lesson.

  • Evaluation Lessons are $30 for a 30 minute session.

Please see our Lessons - Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.



Group Events

Tours - Birthday parties, Field trips, Church events, Scout Merit Badges, other large groups, etc.

Please click Birthday at the Barn at the top of the home page for more information about Birthday Parties at Whispering Pines.

  • The tours are different to suit the age group of the participants. Tour Packages offer an activity that is fun as well as a learning experience. Spiritual tours are available by request, the emphasis of these tours are to show spiritual parallels to everyday things. Jesus and Bible stories/scriptures are cited. References to God, His love, care and creation are also mentioned.
  • Pony Tour Package-recommended for children 2 years and up. (Older children will rider horses rather than ponies.)  The approximate time is one hour. The first half of the activity is a tour of the stables exploring where a horse lives, what he eats, and where the food comes from, as well as safety rules and grooming. After grooming the horses, a trip to the hay barn and the sawdust bin is always an adventure. During the second half, children take turns being led on ponies. Large groups will be split, so one group can tour while the other rides. Indoor areas provided in case of rain. One hour in the picnic shelter is also included. The cost is $150 for up to 20 kids and $7.50 for each additional child.  The indoor party room is an available option for an additional $25. A hayride is available for an additional fee of $75 when purchasing a Pony Tour Package. The hayride is approximately 20-30 minutes long. To reserve a day and time, the $150 minimum fee, hay ride and picnic shelter fees need to be paid in advance. Contact us by e-mail or by phone, leaving a detailed message about the date and time you prefer.
  • Trail Tour Package-recommended for adults or teens.  The approximate time is one hour. The first half of the activity is a tour of the stables, including a brief discussion of different types of horses, uses, and riding styles. Then participants will be assisted in grooming, saddling and bridling. The second half will be learning how to mount, basic principles of riding, and either a trail or arena ride. Indoor areas provided in case of rain. The fee is $30 per person with a $150 minimum. The indoor party room is an available option for an additional $25.


Trail Rides

  • Over 17 acres of beautiful woods and pasture land for you to enjoy as you relax and ride at a walk only.  Initial instruction is provided before you begin your ride. Trail rides are available by appointment, the fee is $30 per half hour. Trail rides are recommended for teens and adults.  Riders must be under 200 pounds to ride. Not available at this time of year.

Pony Rides

  • Pony rides are $20 per 30 minutes and $10 for each additional child. Call first to make an appointment. You are responsible for leading each pony and supervising children. Reservations limited, not available at this time of year.


  • A relaxing ride around the pasture. The tractor drawn hay wagon can accommodate around 30 adults/children. The wagon has high sides so no one falls out and yet it doesn't block the view of the nature trails covered with whispering pines and majestic oaks. The ride lasts about 20-30 minutes depending on loading time. The fee is $10 per person with a $100 minimum fee. Discounted to a $75 fee if used with a Tour Package.

Day Camp

  • We tend to have one camp per month during summer vacation and sometimes during vacation breaks from school. They are usually held from 9am to 12 noon. Groups are divided by age and ability. Students will learn stable management, horse health care, horse safety and riding skills.
  • Payment must be made in full to reserve space- $200 for the week.

Boarding at Whispering Pines

  • Full board is $350 per month, which includes:
    • Feed, watering, turn out and stall cleaning.
    • A large lighted outdoor ring, round pen, indoor riding arena, pasture rotation, Vet and Farrier on call. Tack shop on property.
    • Boarders ride in group lessons free of charge as long as their horse is not a distraction or disturbance to others in class.
    • No pasture board.

Lessons - FAQ

  • #1 - "How many lessons do I need to be able to ride a horse?"
    The key word is "ride" and the definition seems to be debatable. It can mean just occupying the saddle or it can mean learning the skills to move your mount through whatever task you choose. Riding a horse is similar to learning to play the piano. You can't take two lessons and be a finished musician.  These days, it is hard to tell anyone that anything will take a while to learn, but riding horses takes athletic ability, balance, timing, and lots of practice! At Whispering Pines, we use the old-time method of teaching horsemanship through time, discipline, and dedication. We keep a large string of lesson horses ranging from beginner-type to advanced horses, so riders have the opportunity to gain experience riding at all levels of horsemanship, as well as just learning the basics.
  • #2 -" What do I do to sign up for lessons?" 
    In most cases, you will have to sign up for an evaluation lesson unless you are starting the Mommy and Me class.  During your evaluation lesson we will determine which class best suites your individual skill level.
  • New students that have had riding instruction will need to ride in one private lesson to be evaluated for placement in the correct class level.
  • We will set up a class if at least 4 riders will commit to one month at a time. Riders who are not yet ready for riding on their own can start in the Mommy and Me or Ready Rider programs until they can achieve the skill level for independent group lessons.